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Everyone knows this – right? So what? 

It’s like knowing there are billions and billions of galaxies out there, but having no real concept of what that means. 

Infinity!  Love the idea, but what do we do with it?

I love the fact that perception is reality. In means that all I have to do, and all you have to do, is shift our perception, and it will alter what we experience on a daily basis. 

I love the practicality of it.  I love that once the principle of this law is understood and applied then, unlike the concept of infinity, it is actually something we can experience for ourselves.

Tools For Shifting Perception

I have been teaching The Shift® officially since the early 90’s. I have been writing The Shift® Ezine since 1998. 

Each ezine is a new look at a familiar idea, and shifts  perception so that we can experience the infinite Divine Spirit, the Principle of Love that is the essence and substance of all that we know.

  • You can read my books, you can listen to my Podcast, you could join our membership site Perception U where all-most all that information is free (and the rest highly discounted).

Where ever you start, I am here for you as you shift your life stories!

Perception Rules

What People Say

HI! I LOVED the lessons learned from the birds essay! How fascinating!! Thanks for continuing to wow us! Love,Carola

Dear Beca,
I admire your ability to draw analogies about life from nature. Thanks for blessing us with your insights.
Love, David

I do enjoy your perception newsletter. you are a very beautiful writer and I thank you for your sharing perceptions and moments of reflection. - Fern

Thanks, Beca, for your wonderful work and your willingness to share your inspiration with so many. I always love your writings and have shared them with family and friends.